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Digital released on the 16th of June 2023 at XJAZZ! MUSIC

In the summer of 2021 Johannes Moritz formed a new ensemble around his quartet, which has existed for ten years, expanded by Antonia Hausmann on trombone and Volker Heuken on vibraphone & marimba. 

Anamorphosis is the art of distorted representation (and perception) through a mirror or change of perspective. Inspired and influenced by installation artists such as Shiego Fukuda & Jean Max Albert, J. Moritz composed music that shifts and veils harmonic and rhythmic lines & planes. Melody is a recurring element for J. Moritz, but one that is constantly alienated in its form.

All six musicians improvise in open form parts musically-intuitively and with deepest playful trust for each other. The sound of different, colorful woodwind instruments (Sebastian Wehle and Johannes Moritz) meets the incomparable sound of Antonia Hausmann, who has been one of the most sought-after soloists on her instrument for several years. Volker Heuken forms with Robert Lucaciu and Philipp Scholz an extraordinary rhythm section, which guides J. Moritz' new compositions with dedication, precision and above all intensity in the metrical tracks.


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