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Die Therapie

In 2017 The four young talent musicians got together at the famous Jazz Institut Berlin and formed a new powerful Unit: Die Therapie - Berlin's new Jazz sound. A highly energetic quartet that is becoming recognized for their innovative style of music within Germany's scene.


In 2018 the band won a scholarship by Verein Yehudi Menuhin Live Music Now Berlin e. V. and furthermore they reached the final of the international Biberacher Jazzpreises. This year they won the 2nd Sparda Jazz Preis in Düsseldorf.



Arno Grußendorf (LajazzO Bayern) - Guitar

Niko Zeidler (BujazzO, Winner of Jugend Jazzt Berlin)

Saxophone Alex Will (LajazzO Berlin) – Double Bass/ Electric Bass Johannes Metzger (Winner of the Münchner Jazzpreis and Jazzpreis Hannover) - Drums


The music ranges from Improvised Jazz to Post Rock and Blues. Spontaneousness, melodic grace, on point compositions, intense interplay and a visionary Sound as well as an atmospheric improvised light show are providing an experience that makes every concert unique and catches on to both jazz experts and people outside the scene.


The band has collaborated with acclaimed artists like pianist Olivia Trummer, bassist Marc Muellbauer, trumpeter Sebastian Studnitzky and is planning several future projects involving saxophonist Malte Schiller, singer Sam Vance-Law and many more. The bands main influences are: John Scofield Trio, Whitest Boy Alive, Tom Misch, Carlos Bicas Azul and Chris Potters Underground


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Die Therapie_Freiraum_ (album).jpg
Die Therapie - Freiraum

"Freiraum" is the debut album of this upcoming Berlin Band


Listen to “Freiraum”

Die Therapie - Permanentes Echo(single c
Die Therapie - Freiraum

"Permanentes Echo" is the first single from the album "Freiraum", released March 29, 2019

Listen to “Permanentes Echo”

Watch the live Yoube version

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