Studnitzky | KY

The music projects of Sebastian Studnitzky aka KY are minimalistic yet full of layers and diverse sounds. In a stylistic departure from his orchestral project MEMENTO which earned him an ECHO Jazz Award, KY organic takes its aesthetic influences from electronic music and is performed by a scaled-down instrumental ensemble, whilst his latest releases document his solo works. 

Studnitzky has succeeded in combining virtuoso yet unassuming piano playing with his unique vocal-sounding trumpet style to create light and compelling grooves, delivering strikingly emotional melodies with beautiful clarity. His open approach and eclectic background have enabled him to magically fuse a minimal techno feel with sophisticated voice leading, inspired jazz improvisations and indie pop harmonies. The result is rhythmic, aloof and romantic all at once.

Looking at Studnitzky’s creative output over the last few years, all his projects are clearly pursuing an artistic quest. It is the search for the perfect alchemy between different musical genres and mutual enrichment. Studnitzky has created his own distinct style, successfully finding a balance between being contemporary yet indefinably.


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Studnitzky | KY - Prophet

Studnitzky, the Berlin based multi-instrumentalist and producer, for his new album chose to focus on the most intimate setup and played all instruments himself. The track „Prophet“ combines a dark analog synth arpeggiator with Moroccan voodoo rhythms whilst a rural trumpet flies on top of it. Studnitzky also created the minimalistic but hypnotizing video for the song himself.

Listen to “Prophet”

Watch the Official Music Video on YouTube

Studnitzky | KY - Live in Berlin

KY - Live in Berlin was recorded in January 2019 at Lido Berlin. This live-album documents the unity of this unique quartet that travelled and played intense during the last years. KY aka Studnitzky provides minimal, sophisticated but deep emotional compositions that are extended during the live performance and in songs like Organic or Egis the band dives into an intense journey of groove and sound.

Listen to “Live in Berlin”

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Studnitzky _ KY - _Auriel_ (single).jpg
Studnitzky | KY - Auriel

"Auriel" is the first single from his new album which will be released in Autumn.

All the instruments that appear in the song I play myself (piano, analog synths, beats, moroccan drums) and I even sing a bit.


Listen to “Auriel”

Watch the Official Music Video on YouTube