Richard Koch Quartett

Richard Koch is a trumpet player and composer born in Austria, playing with artists like Nils Frahm (‘All Melody’), Jimi Tenor, Hermeto Pascoal, Peter Fox and the Beatsteaks. His wide
musical range goes from Jazz and Performance Art to Rock Music on big stages.

His debut album WALD was released in 2018, followed by numerous concerts all over Europe. The new album STADT, released 20 November 2020, will also bring the band to the United States.

“Richard Koch Quartett perfectly melts funny artistry and clever entertainment.” (N. Krampf, FAZ)

“Great fun to listen to!” (Bert Noglik)


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Richard Koch Quartett Stadt cover.jpg
Richard Koch Quartett - Stadt


Do you like the joyful vibe of South African Jazz? Check out PAULI, the third single by Richard Koch Quartett - straight from the German capital, from the just released album STADT.


Listen to “Stadt” on your preferable music service

Watch “In The Sky” Music Video on YouTube

Watch “Sun and Clouds” Music Video on YouTube

Richard Koch Quartett - Sun and Clouds.j
Richard Koch Quartett - Sun and Clouds

Want to hear a trumpet sing like Norah Jones? Check out SUN AND CLOUDS, the second single of the new album STADT by trumpet player Richard Koch.

“This song reminds us that there is always the sun, even behind the thickest clouds!” Maurice Summen

Listen to “Sun and Clouds”

Watch the Official Music Video on YouTube

Richard Koch Quartett - InTheSky _1000.j
Richard Koch Quartett - In the Sky

Ever heard a classic jazz quartet play Afrobeats dance music? Check out IN THE SKY, the first single of the new album STADT by trumpet player Richard Koch.

“IN THE SKY makes us feel the sky in the city.” Maurice Summen

Listen to “In the Sky”

Watch the Official Music Video on YouTube