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No Past Human

Renowned worldwide and hailing from the vibrant city of Berlin, the Ukrainian guitar virtuoso and composer, IgorOsypov, invites you on a mesmerizing journey with his latest musical creation, "No Past Human." In this captivating endeavor, Osypov has assembled a remarkable ensemble of musicians from both Berlin and the United States. Among them, you'll find the American alto saxophonist, Logan Richardson, the Swedish maestro of keys and pianos, Povel Widestrand, the groovy American bassist, Josh Ginsburg, the rhythmic heartbeat of the group, German drummer Fabian Rösch, and the enchanting Ukrainian guest trumpet player, Dima Bondarev.

This album is more than just a collection of songs; it's a profound exploration of memories, individuals, events, and places that have slipped beyond our grasp, both physically and emotionally. It delves deep into the psyche of a person who has lost their past, and with it, their very identity. The compositions within "No Past Human" were crafted in that delicate space between relinquishing the past and forging a new path towards the future. It's an invitation to journey forward through time, as past events slowly fade into the realm of myth.

"No Past Human" introduces a fresh, innovative concept, seamlessly blending Widestrand's ethereal, water-like distorted Rhodes with Osypov's rich, multilayered guitar melodies that dance gracefully above the rock-solid foundations laid by Rösch and Ginsburg. Throughout the album, you'll find Richardson's enchanting saxophone lines, which effortlessly stretch the boundaries of time, often engaging in enchanting musical dialogues with Osypov's soul-stirring and enigmatic guitar passages, influenced by Jazz, classical and rock traditions. Bondarev's trumpet adds an overall warmth and an ethereal quality that breathes life into this extraordinary musical canvas.

Prepare to be captivated by "No Past Human," where every note and rhythm is woven with a unique charm, inviting you to rediscover the beauty of the past while embarking on a timeless journey towards the future.

Guitarist and composer Igor Osypov with his crunchy, slightly distorted sound has become one of the distinct voices in jazz as well as indie-rock and fusion. His playing with “blood and guts”  brings a “fresh and complete concept” ( to concert stages and jazz clubs all over the world. One of the albums that he has worked on as a part of Logan Richardson’s project “Blues People” has been listed under the top 3 jazz albums of 2018 by the New York Times


Both as a sideman and a band leader Igor took part in a number of major jazz festivals, clubs and events around the globe such as Village Vanguard, NPR Tiny Desk, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, XJazz Berlin, Montreaux Jazz Festival and others. He won awards in many different contests in Europe such as Montauban Jazz, Smietana jazz guitar competition and Jazz nad Odra. 

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