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Single Release "Matching Souls" on 15th of september 2023 on XJAZZ! Music

Matching Souls:

"An inner statement, dedication to a very close person who has already left this world. Two souls that are strongly connected on a spiritual level were never meant to exist without each other, therefore that one soul never left, it just has transitioned to a new person in a new body. This connection is only becoming stronger after every transition, it’s an eternal motion that never ends."

Guitarist and composer Igor Osypov with his crunchy, slightly distorted sound has become one of the distinct voices in jazz as well as indie-rock and fusion. His playing with “blood and guts”  brings a “fresh and complete concept” ( to concert stages and jazz clubs all over the world. One of the albums that he has worked on as a part of Logan Richardson’s project “Blues People” has been listed under the top 3 jazz albums of 2018 by the New York Times


Both as a sideman and a band leader Igor took part in a number of major jazz festivals, clubs and events around the globe such as Village Vanguard, NPR Tiny Desk, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, XJazz Berlin, Montreaux Jazz Festival and others. He won awards in many different contests in Europe such as Montauban Jazz, Smietana jazz guitar competition and Jazz nad Odra. 

2023-04-30_Igor Osypov_Foto_Dovile Sermokas-187A0824a.jpg


Digital Album Release on 13th of october on XJAZZ! Music

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