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With "Crosscurrent", the band "Larceny", founded by drummer David Giesel, presents its debut album.

As a drummer and sideman, David Giesel is active in various projects and bands: Lukas Wögler Quartett, Simon Bremen Quartett, among others, and has already stood on one stage with artists such as Christoph Neuhaus, Alexander "Sandi" Kuhn, Joo Kraus, Stefan Karl Schmid or Volker Engelberth. In 2021, he fulfils his wish for his own project by founding "Larceny".

Together with Julian Drach (alto saxophone), Pauli Poulsen (guitar), Moritz Langmaier (piano) and Jan Mikio Kappes (bass), David Giesel released the first EP of the band „Larceny“ in 2022 with the title "Shapes" (at that time still under the name "iTsLarceny"). This is now followed by the debut album produced in autumn 2022, in which "Larceny"presents itself with nine original compositions. The material was written during and after their trip to the Faroe Islands, where the band was part of the "Vetrarjazz" festival in January 2022.

With "Crosscurrent", the band continues the sound presented in the EP "Shapes" and takes their listeners into a world of beauty. Collectively, they create a field of tension between complexity and simplicity, not only compositionally but also musically, leaving enough room for the sound language of the individual musicians. At no time is the focus on the initiator of the band. The focus is always on expressing themselves authentically.

The aforementioned stay on the Faroe Islands inspires and shapes the debut album. The musical travelogue begins with "Travelogue", which is the first track on "Crosscurrent". Natural phenomena", as they are musically recorded on the title track "Crosscurrent" or "Aldur" and "Wet Dry Wet", have left a special impression, while pieces like "Overnight Trip" or "Midnight Cinema" conceal personal experiences.

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