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Digital released on the 1st of March 2024 at XJAZZ! MUSIC:

What does a lullaby for a life's dream sound like?

How does it feel to rush parallel to the course of the world and still lose touch in your isolation? What would it be like to no longer live up to your own expectations and just throw them away? Nala Tessloff asks herself these questions in her songs and finds only one answer in her brokenness: there is also beauty and truth in giving up, in failure.


Her sombre and soulful solo debut features influences from her work in pop, film music, high culture and performance art.

Nala has already collaborated as a singer and songwriter with internationally known electro artists such as Spencer Brown ("Nightwalk", 2018 on Anjunabeats) and Innellea, ("Read Thread" 2020 on Diynamic).

In the summer of 2021, she released the EP "Where The Water Meets The Sky", a collaboration with New York Times bestselling author Ian Urbina.

After opening Fashion Week in Berlin in 2019 with a 30-piece orchestra, Nala founded the Unspoken Consort with five early music musicians with whom she stages large-scale musical performances as a singer, lyricist, costume/set designer and director.

In her compositions, which Nala herself casually describes as a "doomsday soundtrack", she reflects the omnipresent violence that surrounds us, the violence that we suffer as well as the violence we inflict everyday, even unconsciously. Her compositions touch upon subjects from deeply personal psychological studies to more general issues of humankind.


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