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Hamburg based artist and songwriter CHASING TALES writes genre bending songs somewhere between indie, folk and electronica, melancholia and wanderlust, darkness and light. After a years long hiatus from music, he quit is job in advertising to create and travel at the end of 2019. Two singles and a global pandemic later, he is finally ready to celebrate his next release: His new EP TWIAD/BP (this world is a dark / beautiful place) is a collection of songs that reflect on societal conflicts, fears and shortcomings and comments on the crisis we are collectively going through but also the desperate need and fight for political and social change. But while you can interpret the songs as protest, even political and rebellious at times and often sad and dark, the songs also tell stories of love and self acceptance.

The carefully crafted instrumentation and sound design translate loneliness, anger, sadness and hope with a variety of different instruments and samples that blur the borders of electronic and acoustic music and promise surprises between and within songs.

The heartfelt vocals, sometimes distorted, tuned, changed and organically or artificially harmonized tie this unique body of work togethe

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