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Released on the 31th of March 2023 at XJAZZ! MUSIC:

The rawness of Rosemarine´s previous work is part of what makes the musical mixtape of this album an epic thrill. Throughout the nine songs, Rosemarine has morphed R&B wisps and electronic abstractions with rock and experimental synth sounds. They don't sacrifice their creative nonconformity or intimacy within their songwriting in order to make this band “fit in”.
Rather, they all explore new ways of expressing themselves through a strong musical bond of three highly acclaimed musicians. Rosemarine’s musical style draws influences from alternative, electronic music and new age progressive rock combined with sample based art pop. Their music also references influences such as Aphex Twin, Björk, David Bowie & Radiohead.
With a mix of electronics and synthesizers, combined with live drums, guitar and vocals the three musicians create a multi-faceted danceable live experience.

The Press about the Album:

Rosemarine is an electronic post-rock band from Berlin consisting of singer Mia Knop Jacobsen (DK), guitarist Igor Osypov (UKR) and drummer Philip Dornbusch (D). The band was formed in 2018 and has since been actively creating and performing their own music. Based in Berlin, the three musicians met while studying. It was not until a house concert led by a friend, that they discovered their profound musical bond with each other.


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