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The diverse instrumentation is a necessity for the distinctive sound in Volker Heuken's varying compositions.

Piano and vibraphone blend together so smoothly as though they were one instrument. The two wind players also intertwine creating a unified sound with a rich and yet contrasting palette. The pieces seem as though Volker Heuken created an enormous image in which everything has its own particular place. His music is a highly organised construct which does not lose any of the spontaneity typical to jazz. And although the music has a precise, detailed guideline the musicians react and play with capricious vivacity creating new spaces through interconnected movements.

While composing Volker Heuken keeps his instrumentation in mind, curious to how his construct can give way to eruptions and aware that the constellation will remain fluid.

It‘s about stepping out of roles and restrictive definitions to achieve and develop a collective beauty.


Volker Heuken by Lukas Diller

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