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ALBUM RELEASE #2: Die Therapie - Freiraum

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

The band's first album, released on XJAZZ Music, April 12th 2019.

The music moves between modern jazz, post-rock and blues. The result of melodic grace, catchy compositions, radiant joy in the quite spontaneous interaction, a visionary sound and last but not least an atmospheric, improvised light show makes each concert a unique experience that captivates both jazz experts and audiences outside the scene.


Niko Zeidler (BujazzO, Winner Youth Jazzt Berlin) - Saxophone Arno Grußendorf (LajazzO Bayern) - Guitar Alex Will (LajazzO Berlin) - Double Bass / E-Bass Johannes Metzger (Winner of the Munich Jazz Prize and Jazz Prize Hannover) - Drums

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